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Even if your friends envy your gorgeously smooth and flawless skin, it eventually accumulates some damage from time, sun and irritants. While you can’t escape the eventual formation of imperfections, skin resurfacing treatments by Kathleen F. Farrell, MD, and her team at Laser Lisse in Gaithersburg, Maryland, allow you to start fresh with a new, less damaged skin surface. Book your consultation for skin resurfacing at Laser Lisse over the phone or online today.

Skin Resurfacing



How does skin resurfacing work?

Skin resurfacing with Sublative is a procedure that improves your skin’s appearance by treating the upper surface layer as well as the layer just under the surface called the dermal layer. While these cells turn over naturally, they don’t turn over fast enough to keep your skin looking permanently flawless.

To remove these upper layers and reveal a bright new surface of cells, Kathleen F. Farrell, MD, uses the eTwo™ Sublative system. The Sublative device emits radiofrequency, a type of low-vibration energy, that penetrates your skin and heats your deep tissues.

The heat from the radiofrequency device stimulates healing deep within your skin, encouraging cell turnover and new collagen and elastin fiber growth. Over time, your skin tightens and firms as the result of your Sublative resurfacing procedure, in addition to gaining a smoother surface layer with the improvement of hyperpigmentation. 

What are the benefits of skin resurfacing treatments?

Sublative skin resurfacing provides numerous benefits for your skin’s health and appearance. Many people agree that the Sublative radiofrequency skin resurfacing is the preferred alternative to other skin resurfacing procedures.

The benefits of Sublative skin resurfacing include:

  • Smoother skin
  • Less sun damage/reduction of hyperpigmentation
  • Diminished acne scars
  • Improved skin tone
  • Smaller pores
  • Tighter skin
  • Minor social downtime
  • Customizability

Unlike other treatments that use lasers to resurface or tighten your skin, Sublative skin resurfacing can also safely target the skin directly below your eyes. In fact, you won’t even need to wear protective eyewear as Dr. Farrell performs the procedure.

What can I expect at my Sublative skin resurfacing appointment?

To achieve the best possible results of sublative skin resurfacing, you’ll need to book three to five treatments scheduled four to six weeks apart. At each appointment, Dr. Farrell begins by cleaning your skin in the treatment area. After drying it, she may apply a topical numbing cream that will be removed entirely once the skin is numb.

While performing the procedure, Dr. Farrell directs the device to your skin as it delivers pulses of energy. Some report that the sensation is mildly uncomfortable, but the numbing cream is there to reduce pain.

The entire procedure takes roughly less than one hour and you’re free to go straight home or back to work after.

What can I expect after Sublative skin resurfacing?

The day of and the day following your treatment, you will notice a heat sensation, redness, and swelling. Over the course of a day or two, the swelling will go down, and tiny scabs across the treated area of skin will appear.

These tiny scabs will remain for about five days on average.  Make-up can be used on the treated skin as soon as 12 hours after the procedure. Dr. Farrell will give detailed instructions on how to care for your skin during the healing process.  You will schedule your second and third treatments 4 weeks apart. 

You will feel smoother, healthier and more vibrant skin after your three treatments.  We are so excited to share this technology with you, we think you will love it! 

Skin improvement doesn’t have to be painful, complicated, or time-consuming. Book your Sublative skin resurfacing procedure at Laser Lisse by phone or online today.