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Spider veins or cherry angiomas disfigure your face with a red, blue, or purple color that’s hard to conceal. Dr. Kathleen Farrell of Laser Lisse in Gaithersburg, Maryland, quickly rids your face of red veins using the GentleMax™ Pro laser. If you live in the Gaithersburg area, contact the helpful Laser Lisse team by phone or online form to set up a facial vein treatment today.

Facial Vein Treatment Q & A

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small blood vessels that tend to be red, blue, or purple and sometimes appear in a pattern that resembles a spider’s web. They typically appear on your face or legs. While spider veins are benign, they can be disfiguring. 

How did I get spider veins?

Spider veins occur when your blood vessels are damaged and the valves that keep your blood flowing malfunction. The sluggish flow causes pooling in the veins, building up pressure that forces the vessels to expand and twist.

You may have developed spider veins as a result of injuring your skin, such as by squeezing it or popping pimples. If you have fair skin that’s exposed to the sun, you may develop spider veins on your cheeks and nose.

You’re more at risk for spider veins if you’re a woman. The hormonal changes of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are all associated with an increased risk for spider veins. Medications that contain hormones can raise your risk, too.

As you age and your vessels degrade, you may notice more spider veins. Researchers believe genetics plays a role in spider veins.


What are cherry angiomas?

Cherry angiomas are small, bright red, benign lesions composed of blood vessels. They can be as small as a pinhead or up to .25 inch in diameter. Cherry angiomas may be smooth or raised.


How did I get cherry angiomas?

Researchers don’t yet know what causes cherry angiomas. However, they are quite common — especially after the age of 30 — and are harmless. Cherry angiomas may be inherited.


How can I get rid of spider veins and cherry angiomas?

The GentleMax Pro is a dual-function laser that has an Nd:YAG component for targeting pigmented lesions and veins. Dr. Farrell or a team member adjusts the settings on the handheld applicator so that the laser energy is directed solely to your spider veins or cherry angiomas.

The highly focused heat energy destroys the vessels in cherry angiomas and spider veins. Your surrounding skin is not affected.

Targeting facial veins with the GentleMax Pro takes only a few minutes. You see an improvement in the color and clarity of your skin directly after your treatment and the treated area will continue to improve over the following eight weeks.  

If you’re ready for clear skin again, contact the experts at Laser Lisse so they can remove your spider veins or cherry angiomas with GentleMax Pro. Call or use online booking.

*Individual results may vary.