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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, up to 55% of women and 45% of men suffer from ugly noticeable veins, including spider veins. Dr. Kathleen Farrell and her team at Laser Lisse in Gaithersburg, Maryland, remove spider veins and cherry angiomas from your legs with the GentleMax® Pro laser. If you want to get your legs ready for shorts and bathing suits with laser vein removal, call Laser Lisse or use the online booking form.

Leg Vein Removal Q & A

What causes spider veins on the legs?

When the valves on your blood vessels function normally, your blood flows easily through your veins. If your valves are damaged, the blood slows down and pools in the vessels. The pressure from the extra blood makes the vessels expand and twist into the characteristic spider-web shape of spider veins.

Various factors can damage the small blood vessels in your legs, including trauma and overexposure to the sun. You may be more prone to leg spider veins if you are:

  • Older
  • Obese
  • Pregnant
  • From a family history with spider veins
  • In puberty or menopause
  • Using hormonal birth control
  • Inactive
  • On your feet all day

If you have more significant vein disease, Dr. Farrell may recommend that you see a vascular surgeon prior to your treatment.

Are spider veins on the legs harmful?

Spider veins aren’t harmful, but their dark red, blue, or purple color can mar your skin’s appearance. Sometimes spider veins on your legs may itch, burn, or cause other discomfort. They typically appear on your face or legs.  

What causes cherry angiomas on the legs?

Nobody knows what causes the small, bright, benign lesions known as cherry angiomas. The round, flat, or raised cherry angiomas are made up of blood vessels, which accounts for their cherry-red color.

You’re more likely to develop a cherry angioma after the age of 30. You’re also more likely to have them if someone in your family has them, too.

How do you remove spider veins and cherry angiomas?

Dr. Farrell and her team use the Nd:YAG phase of the GentleMax Pro laser to remove spider veins and cherry angiomas from your legs. The laser’s energy is focused on the hemoglobin in the veins so that it only destroys the unneeded blood vessels, leaving your surrounding skin and other tissues unharmed.

Spider veins and cherry angiomas are destroyed within minutes. Once the treatment is complete, you will notice redness and a slightly raised appearance to the areas treated.  This will resolve during the course of the day. The veins will continue to improve up to eight weeks after your treatment. Occasionally a second or third treatment is needed, spaced eight weeks apart.

To get your legs ready for the beach or the gym, contact Laser Lisse for laser-vein removal. You can call the helpful team or use the online booking form.

*Individual results may vary.